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White-Water Rafting in the upper part of the Eisack Valley

The River Eisack in South Tyrol has lots to offer: due to its high range of levels of difficulty, white-water rafting and kayaking races on national and international level are held each year on the Eisack. As soon as the river gets a bit narrower and the drops steeper, when rocks and boulders block your way and you can feel the force of waves on high-volume river parts – that’s when it’s time for an adventure, white-water rafting levels 2-3.

Quick reactions and the interplay of strength and skill turn the trip into a wild and adventurous experience. Swimming test included.

Due to the change in daily water level, it is not always viable.

WW 1 -2-3 (–> see info White Water)


Impressions – River Eisack


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the fantastic experience in a team

When white-water rafting in the Puster Valley, certified rafts are used. We gain experience with the white-water on high-volume rivers, and manage waves together with other adventurers in a boot guided by an experienced raft guide.

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Kayaking Courses

discover South Tyrol’s rivers

You have already been white-water rafting before? Then kayak should be your next adventure. Here, you are not just a passenger, but can navigate the river and the current all by yourself. Of course, under the guidance of an expert or in the course of a white-water rafting tour.

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Customized tours

New: Discover a unique, beautiful canyon – formed in thousands of years by white-water – from the top to the bottom with our qualified guides.

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