Kayaking Courses

Kayaking Courses in the Puster Valley – South Tyrol

Kayaking is one of the most beautiful and thrilling Nature sports. More and more people are enjoying this freetime sport. With a bit of patience and the right introduction by our specially trained instructors you can learn kayaking.

Guaranteed success with our kayaking courses!

We offer courses for:

beginners, intermediate courses, creek, freestyle, safety, technique, private, eskimo-roles, guide,  WW 4-5

Prices per day / participant:

1 person: 300€ (+30€*)
2 people: 250€ (+30€*)

from 3 people and more // price per person

  • 1 day: 190€ (+30€*)
  • 2 days: 350€ (+60€*)
  • 3 days: 500€ (+70€*)
  • 4 days: 700€ (+80€*)

1 day = 5-6 h course
(*=price equipment rental)


Long-distance trips:

We accompany and advise you on trips to: Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela
Price: 320€/p.day/p. instructor (excl. travel and any additional costs)

Europe-wide canyoning on request

Info: +39 320 366 56 22, info@kreativraft.com

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the fantastic experience in a team

When white-water rafting in the Puster Valley, certified rafts are used. We gain experience with the white-water on high-volume rivers, and manage waves together with other adventurers in a boot guided by an experienced raft guide.

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Kayaking Courses

discover South Tyrol’s rivers

You have already been white-water rafting before? Then kayak should be your next adventure. Here, you are not just a passenger, but can navigate the river and the current all by yourself. Of course, under the guidance of an expert or in the course of a white-water rafting tour.

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Customized tours

New: Discover a unique, beautiful canyon – formed in thousands of years by white-water – from the top to the bottom with our qualified guides.

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