Place: Issinger Weiher, Kreativ Raft Base. Eisack and Ahr rivers – Sud Tirol.
Dates: Wednesday 3rd to 5th September 2014. Part of 6th and 7th.
Time: 8´30 am to 19´30 pm.
Content: Recommended minimum content for a guide training program.
Material: The guide can bring an appropriate clothing and footwear, life jacket, helmet, throw bag, knife, whistle, flip line, 3-4 locking carabinners, 2 small ropes for prussik, 1-2 pulleys.
Participants: Anyone interested. Minimum 5 persons, max 14.
Requisite: Minimum 16 years old and be able to swim.
Cost: 180 euros the course. Training course + assessment = 350 euros.
Recognition: Trainee guide pdf certification and your name will be as a Trainee Guide at the internet database: -Guiding –Certified Guides.


Place: Issinger Weiher, Kreativ Raft Base. Eisack and Ahr rivers – Sud Tirol.
Dates: Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th September 2014.
Time: From 8´30 am.
Cost: 180 euros raft guide candidates (included IRF inscription fees, card, certification in pdf format and instructor fees). Training course and assessment 350 euros.
Candidates: Guides with previous experience.
Requisites: Be at least 18 years old. Be able to swim.
-Hold a current (not older than 2 years) Red Cross First Aid Certificate or equivalent with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). You can do the assessment without first aid certificate but IRF certificate will not be valid until you present it later on.
-Demonstrate raft guide experience: maintain a log book recording each run or present a document reporting the quantity of descents (river, section and class), signed by the Trip Leader or Operations Manager of the company, as proof of experience. Minimum previous experience: class II raft guide candidates 10 guided descents; class III raft guide candidates 30 guided descents on class III rivers.
Material: Must bring all the material recommended for the training course.
Recognition: IRF Card, pdf  certification and your name will be as an International Guide at the internet database: -Guiding –Certified Guides.

For more information consult the IRF web page / Guiding. Award Schemes (certification info), river signals, IRF guide work offer, etc.

Eneko Yarza has a physical activity and sport science University degree, physical education teacher, worked as a river guide in 19 countries and taught courses and assessments in 9 countries as a class 4/5 IRF Instructor.
For more info contact Eneko Yarza at:



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das fantastische Teamerlebnis

Beim Rafting werden in zertifizierten Schlauchbooten Wildwasserflüsse befahren. Wir werden Erfahrungen mit dem Wildwasser sammeln und Wellen und Walzen, gemeinsam mit anderen Abenteurern in einem Boot, geführt von einem erfahrenen Raftguide, bewältigen.

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Kajak Kurse

entdecke die Flüsse Südtirols

Du hast Rafting schon erlebt? Dann sollte dein nächstes Abenteuer das Kajak sein. Dabei bist du nicht bloß Passagier, sondern bewältigst selbst den Fluss und die Strömung. Natürlich unter fachkundiger Anleitung eines Guides, oder im Zuge einer Raftingtour.

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Maßgeschneiderte Touren

Neu: Die Begehung von oben nach unten in einem einzigartigen Canyon, der jahrtausendelang vom Wasser geformt wurde.

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